The Double Mouth
personShora KUETU
today6 June 2024
labelMarche Chrétienne

We wake up and go to bed to the rhythm of the media. Television, computers and smartphones inundate our ears with a flood of information whose rapid succession
prevents us from understanding its meaning. Various events, debates, false teachings, false religions, scientific experiments that contradict each other... all lead to confusion in the hearts of human beings. 

Imagination has reached new heights, as seen in philosophy, films and science fiction novels. Our world has become very
noisy. Not to mention the people around us who don't master their language and say a lot of things... at work, at a family dinner or with friends. Unfortunately, all these speeches go by without us having time to digest them.

Many pagans don't believe in Elohîm because they're steeped in the teachings of evolution or the big bang... although most haven't even bothered to study these
theories. Finally, our generation has no time for the simplicity of the Gospel because its ears are filled with useless information. Ears are the doors to the heart, for we listen with our ears, but understand with our hearts.

" This, then, is what I say and testify in the Lord: that you should no longer walk like
the rest of the nations, who walk in the perversity of their thoughts. Having their
minds covered by darkness being strangers to the life of Elohîm, because of the
ignorance that is in them, because of the hardening of their hearts. Having become
insensible, they gave themselves over to unbridled lust to commit every kind of
impurity with greed."
(Ephesians 4:17-19).